Levi James Lebo
Street: 11.18.11
LJL = Cicadas + Lindsay Heath Orchestra + Tori Amos – singing
It’s always a pleasant surprise to see a musician step out of their comfort zone and take a risk with something new, even if it’s just for themselves. That very scenario made Autography a heartwarming listen, as the usually heavy and screeching guitarist Levi James Lebo (of White Hot Ferrari fame) took to the keys and recorded this full-length album of ambient piano and chamber music. This collection of songs, conceived over a seven-year period while Lebo was immersed in hard rock projects, is a beautiful and touching example that even the loudest of the loud can take a moment to put together melodic compositions. With the help of local musicians like Dan Whitesides and Andy Patterson as backing players, Lebo has crafted an album that hits a warm, yet dark spot in the soul, staying with you long after the track has ended.