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Lindsay +INFLUENZI+ Heath

From Kid Madusa EP



Lindsay +INFLUENZI+ Heath= Portishead + Kate Bush

Lindsay Heath is an artist entirely in her own right, comparisons to other female pianists aside. When not busy adding her unique talents drumming and playing to the arsenal of others, she unlocks her own powers on personal projects like this. My main complaint is that I wish this was a full-length as originally planned, but we will have to wait for the forthcoming LP. Bronwen Beecher on violin and Joel Hales on cello add some really nice accompaniement on the tracks and really give some guts to Heath’s piano skills. Her lyrics are also sinfully evocative. “Cold Blood” comes at you with this, for instance: “He doesn’t see her gold blood/I want to bless our blood/I want our blood to be one/I want to kiss her blood,” all sung in a very melancholy way on top of subdued drumming, making for a really interesting track, while ramping up to some steady and heel-thumping rock, which transitions to live performance really well.