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Selva Molhada

Exigent Records

Street: 4.1

Loom = The Bled + 31 Knots + Small Towns Burn A Little Slower

Salt Lake music fans would have to have lived under a rock (or maybe in a stake center) to miss seeing Loom’s name on a marquee or show flier. The most indie ofBroship is back, sporting a more refined and matured sound in Selva Molhada via Exigent Records. The 2007 opus, Angler, was an EP of catchy, raw testaments to the sea. Molhada breaches the depths with more intricate guitar and violin work. The drums sound absolutely perfect (thanks to engineer extraordinaire Kris Krummett) andJosh Davenport’s vocals are more polished. The album brings Davenport out of his signature gravel yell with some clean singing and sets the band into an area that could be commercially viable to a bigger label such as Equal Vision Records or even Vagrant Records. Loom’s tour bus (literally an old, renovated school bus) has hit hundreds of tour stops, which, with the strength of this full-length album, makes it very probable that they will soon outgrow their small label and move on to bigger and better things.