Michael Gross and The Statuettes
Sunset Beach
Street: 08.14
Michael Gross and The Statuettes = Weezer + U2 + Bruce Springsteen
With a perfectly titled album, this rock outfit sonically takes you somewhere warm on the coast. Thanks to their mostly feel-good rhythms, electric guitar riffs and arena-style vocals, this is one of Salt Lake’s most widely appealing bands. Although you can feel the warm influence of somewhere with sun and water in their music, I find myself more energized than relaxed by most of their melodies. Michael Gross’ vocals even have a slight similarity to Bono’s alluring voice, most noticeably on the chorus of “I Know It Now.” The chorus turns the song into a stadium rocker, and as soon as it’s finished, the mellow, slightly melancholy guitar riffs bring the song right back to a smaller and possibly more comfortable setting. Michael Gross and The Statuettes are a unique addition to our city’s music scene and are easily at their best on Sunset Beach.