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Paper Cranes
Quality Goes While Quantity Lasts (Remixes)
A. Star
Street: 05.26.06
Paper Cranes (Remixes) = Plunderphonics + Hot Chip + Form of Rocket’s vocals
I admit to not having heard the source material for this collection of remixes, but I gather from a 2006 (yes, this is two years old, apparently the A. Star PR machine is a little rusty) SLUG review that it’s noisy dance-rock a la early Liars. The remixes featured here largely tend to separate the “dance” and the “art” while largely omitting the “rock.” 1h86335’s mix is all uptempo electro-groove while Fidelitron strips down to an almost trip-hop groove propelled by distorted bass. Much of the rest is a bit spottier, favoring experimentation in favor of grooves. Personally, my favorite cuts were those that omitted the vocals or pushed them down in the mix. Overall, I can’t say this holds much interest for folks who aren’t Paper Cranes fans, and they probably already got a copy of this two years ago.