Pretty Worms/Blackhole
Split 7”
8ctopus Records
Street: 10.18.11
Split 7" = Feersum Enjinn + Pink Reason + Thee Oh Sees
“Killers Galore” is a ride through noise punk hell on a groovy bass and a light, punchy drum rhythm. Punctuated with sound clips of sirens and yelling, part of the song’s appeal is the sublime strangeness with which they approach a very basic song. Blackhole’s “Seattle” goes for a more straightforward approach, with a droning bass and heavy drums. The vocals were successfully abrasive, though I wouldn’t go as far as to say they were pleasant to listen to. I felt like the song started picking up and going a really interesting direction, but just after the first key change, the song ends in a locked three beat groove. Approach this LP with an open mind, but you may find it Pretty Worms side up more often than not.