Sayde Price
Wilt All Rosy
Street: 08.17
Sayde Price = Alela Diane + Emily Jane White + Joanna Newsom
Sayde Price’s debut album is something of a revelation. Price’s skeletal folk songs aren’t revelatory in the sense of ground breaking musically or topically, but rather in the way a voice and a guitar still sound impossibly intimate and personal after the genre has been done to death. The voice belongs to Sayde Price, a relatively young newcomer whose occasional nasal lilts and birdsong falsetto recall her seemingly pastoral upbringing in rural Utah pitched against the youthful angst of wanting something more. Musically, most of the ten tracks are composed around her plucked acoustic guitar, augmented with instrumental flourishes from members of similar minded folksters Band of Annuals (R.I.P.) and Paul Jacobsen. In the hands of a backing band, Price’s songs run into dangerous chanteuse territory, recalling Regina Spektor on “Machines,” but Price succeeds admirably when she is in full control of her songs.