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The Bad Apples
How Ya Like Dem Apples? Part I

Penalty Box Records
Street: 10.08
The Bad Apples= Beastie Boys + Sage Francis

Salt Lake locals, The Bad Apples are back by popular demand from fans. Penalty Box Records founder, MC/ producer Mike Booth, and MC Sir Louis Wildamiss bring some cognizant vocals to this LP with many local artists popping up in guest spots too. Beat styles vary from interesting 70s-era sample-inspired to more “urban” friendly thumps and beats in between. Sample lovers will enjoy, “Xtraish” featuring a local cat, Verse 1. I catch my buddies dipping their heads methodically when they hear this: always a good sign. Unfortunately, local, homegrown hip hop may very well go unnoticed or, at the worst, go the way of the polar bear’s iced tea, unless more people pick up stuff like this and give it a serious turn in their rotation.