Local Reviews: The .bLARE”

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The .bLARE”
Nine Time Priming EP
KeepTheBasSUP Records
Street: 12.30.09
The .bLARE” = The Helio Sequence + Mock Orange + Owl City
Every unpaid music critic dreams of writing a critical review of a band’s early release that prompts them to make prescribed changes and then go on to great glory. I know this is a mirage, but still …The .bLARE”, let’s chat. Like any first time director, you have a great first act, but have no clue how to follow that up. To wit, “Signs of Life” is a fantastic instrumental electro-pop song, but it is almost totally divorced from the rest of the EP. Your middling indie rock songs erase any memory of that competent, albeit brief, moment. Second, keeping with the electro-pop aesthetic, just play instrumental. Seriously. I know you have a journal full of wistful ideas for pop songs, but don’t, ok? I will not sit through another tone-deaf Owl City-esque “I am (T)Here.” Cool, glad we had this talk. TTYL.