Tough Tittie
Stomach Transplant
Street: 05.28
Tough Tittie = The Weirdos + Social Distortion + Blood For Blood + The Phenomenauts
Tough Tittie are hitting us with a five-song EP plus the entire album Pink Roid Rage all on one disc. From the first track on the Stomach Transplant portion, “The Introducer,” Tough Tittie takes the goofiness of the Weirdos and reformulates it into a bar-band punk style. The intro track gets off to a rocky start, but the EP progressively gets better. “Warpath,” a bouncy, stop-and-go ditty, tackles the tough issue of a seething woman at home and the danger she poses for the male counterpart … who likes to make little jaunts to the bar. “Kiddie Diddle Priest” is a little tune about pederast priests and all the shit they get away with, and “Release the Dopamine” is a way weird song with vocals akin to the beginning of “Delirium of Disorder” (Bad Religion). The best track, though, is “Crazy Jane,” which features the sultry ABK and fun rock n’ roll.