Local Reviews: Vanzetti Crime

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Vanzetti Crime


Salty Hobo Records

Street: 01.15

Vanzetti Crime = Against All Authority + Suicide Machines + Operation Ivy

Let’s face it: local punk and ska bands, as a general rule, are pretty shitty. Of course there are always exceptions, but more often than not, local punk bands tend to be drunken, untalented idiots, and local ska bands tend to be goofy kids whose religious upbringing keeps them from being drunken, untalented idiots. Vanzetti Crime, I’m happy to report, fall into neither camp. They take some of the best parts of punk rock, namely the aggression and emphasis on unity, and filter it through bouncy ska rhythms for a formula that works surprisingly well. Sure, Vanzetti Crime borrows liberally from the Suicide Machines, but that’s a hell of a lot better than having a whole lot of Casualties or Reel Big Fish in your sound. Sadly, these guys have been broken up for a few months (their wacky Mormon guitarist Mike is currently serving a mission in Mexico), but this album is a sure sign that great local punk and ska can still exist in Utah.