Wake Up Nebula
Never Fall In love With Birds
Street: 02.12
Wake Up Nebula = Metro Station / Shiny Toy Guns
Emo-electro has had its ups and downs in terms of popularity—maybe there are still some die-hards out there still listening to Playradioplay!. There always seems to be somewhat of a whiny, perhaps nerdy voice atop the synthesized melodies. I’m not sure what part of me this music appeals to, but somehow it does. The starry melodies bounce with ease amid subtle guitar riffs. Wake Up Nebula’s production is so clean and dreamy, it feels like hi-fi bedroom pop. “In the Key of Teal” is a prime example of this band’s excellent formula for electronic pop music. “Alarms” showcases the bands lyrical wit and sarcasm over a moodier tempo. If you miss your electro-pop days, give this album a listen at wakeupnebula.bandcamp.com. –Justin Gallegos