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Wesly Framed Views of Surrender Self-Released Street: 03.30.10 Wesly = Nickelback + Clover + 1994 heroin-grunge-rock Brainchild of lead singer Wesly Lapioli, this album is neat and complete. The songwriting is clear and specific, and for local bands and debut albums, that is an admirable feat. Not having to compromise content with other band members has surely lent itself to a more definitive direction and style, and Lapioli’s inspirations have led to an album that seems to revisit the sounds of the mid-1990s grunge era. The mildly eerie, sometimes monotonous nature of the vocals over the melodies of the guitar riffs leaves you with the same desire to hook up some junk, or at least some Ben & Jerry’s if chasing the dragon is just not an option. Lots of songs, a clear overall theme and a pretty good execution means you will probably enjoy at least some aspects of the album, so what the fuck? Give it a listen, why don’tcha?