Local Reviews: Written in Fire

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Written in Fire
Demo 2008
Street: 01.14
Written in Fire = Voivod + Fates Warning (without the cheesy vocals)
There is a great progressive metal scene in Utah and Written in Fire is just one of the many bands showcasing that scene. This four-song demo isn’t a short one with lengthy tunes averaging over seven minutes each. Upon first listen one might think that the production is poor, but first listens are just that. The production reflects a huge old school metal style. The songwriting and guitar playing out in these four tracks are all extremely well done and structured magnificently. The vocals are cohesive and stir up memories of other great prog metal performances on great albums that the loyal progressive metal fans worship (including me). With each song comes a plethora of different melodies and riffs each building upon each other. The tune “Skin Deep,” sounds better than some international prog metal bands I’ve come across lately; the musicianship is downright astounding. Written in Fire is definitely one of the more unique metal bands I’ve come across in Utah and any local metalhead should jump at the chance to catch one of these shows or at the very least snag this amazingly done demo.