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Quetté Daddie
Reverse Psychology

Quetté Daddie = Bert McCracken’s publicity stunts + $10 DI Casio


“Before music critic [sic] bash my music in a CD review, I think they should try to understand my music and my pain,” says Quetté Daddie at the beginning of Reverse Psychology. Could he be talking about little ol’ moi? Quetté Daddie, your game’s up! You complain about those “Latter-Day Saints” wanting to sue you over your last album, The Return Missionary LP, the IRS auditing you over child support and that, despite numerous MTV appearances, you get no respect. Those things may have happened, but deep down inside, I know you like long walks on the beach, fuzzy scratch n’ sniff stickers and Martha Stewart Magazine. Your lyrics are funnier than ever; bordering on rapping genius, especially when you complain about Utah cops in “American Justice,” but you need to drop the fronting and proclaim who you really are—the new R. Kelly sans pederasty. And damn if you don’t still need to drop that Casio.word_of_mouth155@hotmail.com