Age of Taurus
Desperate Souls of Tortured Times
Rise Above Records
Street: 05.27
Age of Taurus = Solitude Aeturnus + Argus + The Gates of Slumber
Three years after their promising debut, Age of Taurus return to bring down the heavy hammer of doom. Desperate Souls of Tortured Times might take some time to sink in, but once you give in to the unrelenting rhythm of its leaden dirge, there’s no going back. Very few modern metal bands are brave enough to draw comparisons to doom metal giants Candlemass, and fewer still do justice to the classic sound. Yet Age of Taurus seems to have hit on a unique sound, both heavily influenced by the golden age of doom metal and bravely departing from tradition. While this album is technically their first full length, it has depth and mature songwriting that make it sound seasoned and professional. Clearly, we are going to be hearing more from this band, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see their names next to their fellow paragons in the genre. –Henry Glasheen