Alkaline Trio
My Shame Is True
Heart & Skull Records
Street: 04.02
Alkaline Trio = Face To Face + The Damned
After 17 years and album after album, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Alkaline Trio, and you know what you’re getting into on My Shame Is True. Matt Skiba steals your heart with catchy and irresistible verse-chorus-verse song structures and the hookiest guitar lines in the business, Dan Andriano croons velvety goodness, and despite an appearance by Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath on “I, Pessimist,” My Shame Is True doesn’t do much to shake things up. This isn’t going to change your mind if you hate them already, but 15 seconds into “She Lied to The FBI,” I fell in love with Alkaline Trio all over again. It may be more of a mainstream and radio-friendly form of punk rock, but My Shame Is True is another Alkaline Trio album in every way, and I’m gleefully singing along to every chorus. –Matt Brunk