Aloa Input


Morr Music

Street: 10.18.13

Aloa Input = The Notwist + Architecture in Helsinki

The styles the trio of Aloa Input (Cico Beck, Florian Kreier and Marcus Grassl) play with are multifaceted in their variations, but despite such a wide variety between the songs, the common thread throughout Anysome remains positively tropical. The surfer rock in “Another Green World” turns into an old-school bossa nova islander jam in “This Must Be The Age,” while “Clouds So Far’’ features some lo-fi rap reminiscent of early acts associated with Yoni Wolf. The jams stay fresh and vibrant, with a welcome variety of instrumentation that places you as a tourist in the listening experience, as you relax and take a sip in a beachy paradise. –Brinley Froelich