Amen Dunes


Sacred Bones

Street: 05.13

Amen Dunes = The Velvet Underground + Devendra Banhart

Love is songwriter Damon McMahon’s latest release as Amen Dunes on Sacred Bones Records. Near the start, at track two “Lonely Richard,” featuring McMahon’s folksy warble, backed by a John Cale–esque string drone and a gentle acoustic hum, is gonna knock you off your feet. It’s one of those understated anti-anthems—so simple, yet it unravels itself intricately around the complexities of your nostalgia. The rest of the album is McMahon exploring psych-folk territories similar to those of his previous records, though the production quality has risen significantly. It’s a welcome change to the lo-fi recording style of McMahon’s earlier work. Get these breezy, whistlin’ tunes for your next Sunday cleaning party or contemplative café time. –Christian Schultz