Street: 04.29
Annihilator = Megadeth + Death Angel + Anthrax
“Feast” is an appropriate title for this special edition release, and SLUG HQ was lucky enough to get a fancy copy of it. The digibook two CD and DVD package has the goods of the full-length, Feast, which follows in what Annihilator has been doing for the last decade. Best described as modern thrash, it’s something I highly applaud the band for doing instead of focusing on the past and trying to remain what the band was back in the ’80s. The Canadian crew moves forward with each release. Of course, there’s a massive amount of riffs from Jeff Waters—and with those riffs come some great soloing and guitar work. “No Way Out” makes itself a classic Annihilator cut. It’s all a shred fest minus the gooney ballad “Perfect Angel Eyes.” Disc two, Re-Kill, is a bunch of re-recorded cuts from Annihilator history that lack the personality of the original tracks, but there’s a nicety in the new versions and it plays out well as a bonus disc. Last but not least is a DVD of the band performance at Wacken 2013. So, literally, this is a “feast”—lots of audio and video to boot. Thrash on and annihilate. –Bryer Wharton