As Nations Decay
Death Watch Asia
Street: 12.13.13
BlakOPz = Sleetgrout + Nitro Noise + Tactical Sekt
Still demanding attention, BlakOPz is a duo that consists of industrial community veteran Mike Weir and Arizona’s Alex King. They have released an enticing mixture of industrial EBM. “Debris Machine” has to be my favorite track, as it has a perfect layout of how backing industrial and synth tracks can be blended. The vocals on this release confirm that a revisit to the old industrial style is taking place. It is refreshing to hear, as releases by other artists during the past few years have used horrible vocal effects. Nitro/Noise and Sleetgrout have also put their creative efforts into this profound release, allowing many different regions to collaborate and birth a new sound. This release also has a few extra remixes for your listening pleasure including one done by a recent favorite of mine, Cryogenic Echelon. –Mistress Nancy