Bleeding Rainbow

Yeah Right

Kanine Records

Street: 01.29

Bleeding Rainbow = Parquet Courts + a desire to sound like My Bloody Valentine

Doubling their ranks and replacing “reading” with “bleeding” in their moniker means these Philadelphians become even more annoyingly aligned with Shields, Butcher and the other anglo-forefathers of pop-inflected sneaker gazing. Maybe Yeah Right does away with some of the saccharine twee of earlier efforts, but it retains its syrupy drift and sonic intoxication to mixed results. All the Creation elementslatent time keeper rhythms, breathless vocals and the occasional Telecaster sighbubble up to the soup’s-surface, but the shimmer and chime that made such touchstones as Loveless and Souvlaki so damn compelling is all but snuffed out by discordant clamor of too many warring sounds duking it out in a limited space. Songs like “You’re Not Alone” and “Fall into Your Eyes” could be great, but settle for plodding mirth. Critics can attribute the directionless aching and listless wandering to growing pains and there’s no shortage of gargantuan VOLUME here, it just seems entirely misplaced and misdirected. Reel in the turbulent shifting and we may have a classic down the road…but it’s not here. –Dylan Chadwick