Bombay Bicycle Club
So Long, See You Tomorrow
Island Records
Street: 02.03
Bombay Bicycle Club = Snowden + Sigur Rós + Windmills
Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth album starts off strong, falls asleep and then wakes up like it forgot what it was doing. However, even half a quality album is leagues above the rest in today’s indie-drenched market of experimentation. The first half of the album is a lot of fun for the polite English quartet, and “Home By Now” is the album’s standout track. “Overdone” is a strong opening to the album, but “Luna” is ambient indie pop trash, and you can blame the success of Passion Pit and MGMT for its endorsement. This is a step up from A Different Kind of Fix, but a major step down from I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose. I enjoy following this band and look forward to more in the future, but sadly, this is a partially wasted effort by a potentially great band who hasn’t found its Joshua Tree. –Benjamin Tilton