California X
Nights In the Dark
Don Giovanni
Street: 01.13
California X = Meat Puppets + Dinosaur Jr. – J Mascis
California X? The Golden State has always seemed to exist in a timeless, sunburned state of mind—an endless summer and ceaseless search for eternal youth. Amherst, Massachesetts is a long way from California—in some ways, as far away as you can get—but California X still play the wide-eyed wistful, fuzzed-out yet hook-laden grunge as middle-aged, ever-teen J Mascis in that town’s best-known band, Dinosaur Jr. does. The most notable name on the Don Giovanni label, consisting mostly of punk bands in the New Brunswick, New Jersey scene, California X isn’t exactly playing new ground, though two-parter "Blackrazor" sounds a bit like Neil Young playing stoner metal. –Stakerized!