Street: 08.12
Cocksure = Revolting Cocks + Acumen Nation + 1000 Homo DJs

With all the music that was made at the Wax Trax! shop in Chicago, there had to be some remnants of it still lying around. I think Christopher J. Connelly and Jason C. Novak took the time to find them. It is almost as if they grabbed some unreleased music and mixed it with today’s technology, making a very nostalgic yet aggressive and stimulating release. Tracks like “Drug-A-Bug” and “Alpha Male Bling (shower me!)” had me longing for the days of yore, but “Cocked Ripped to Giddy Tits” has to be my favorite on this one. The body-slamming beat, catchy effects and samples had me in touch with all of my senses. This will most certainly have listeners reminiscing, and I feel that it showcases the history and true sound of industrial music. –Mistress Nancy