Cold Summer
Street: 07.01
Cold Summer = Hell Is For Heroes + Funeral For A Friend (Casually Dressed-era)

Starting the album with “Car Crash (In Progress),” featuring the only funky bass rhythm on the album, Cold Summer’s debut album is rough and extremely unpolished but still manages to leave me wanting more. While unfortunately funky doesn’t describe anything on the album except the intro, and they play solid but forgettable post-hardcore that all sounds familiar and doesn’t break any ground, the couple of memorable songs show a lot of untapped potential. Both versions of “Waiting” are easily my favorite songs on the album, and both give me something different to love: The rocked-up version just as powerful with its explosive fury as the softer version is powerful with its insistent, restrained tension. Obviously they know how to write a good song, but it feels like they’re holding themselves back, and it culminates in just another album to throw in the pile. –Matt Brunk