Complicated Animals 
In This Game 
Socialite Fiasco
Street: 02.10
Complicated Animals = Astrud Gilberto x Rabbit Fur Coat–era Jenny Lewis 

Part twangy indie, part bossa nova, Complicated Animals seamlessly mix two seemingly unrelated genres into something that is airy and sweet with an unobtrusive Latin beat. Sung in Portuguese and English, In This Game blends North and South American cultures in a way that is youthful and fresh without being superficial. Each song is meticulously crafted and perfectly balanced, with no single track overlapping the other. “Phoenix”—easily the most upbeat song—transports the listener to a sultry 1950s Brazilian dance club, while “Drive Around in Cars” is reminiscent of folksy, blue-collar simplicity. Use this album to get through your mid-winter blues—its perfectly paced tempos and singer Monica da Silva’s sweet vocals will make you forget about how you can’t wait for the changing of the seasons. –Allison Shephard