Dead Ending
Alternative Tentacles
Street: 12.05.12
Dead Ending = Articles of Faith + Rise Against + Alkaline Trio
One of the side effects of the renewed interest in 1980s hardcore music is that older punks are finding they still have the notoriety and outlet to rekindle their old music flames. Of course, for some, that flame never really went out in the first place. Such is the case for Articles of Faith singer Vic Bondi. Performing throughout the Midwest in the early 80s, the man almost single-handedly put Chicago hardcore on the map. This second EP by Dead Ending pairs his grinding voice with an all-star cast of punk musicians. The end result is a furious, aggressive and lightning-quick batch of songs that straddle the line between 80s hardcore and modern punk. And though it may seem like another punk rock super group is the last thing 2013 needs, I would implore you to give this 12-inch EP a couple of spins. When you hear the resolve that these guys lay in front of you, you’ll be forced to drop to your knees and give thanks to your punk rock gods.