Review: Deathwish – Out for Blood

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Out for Blood

Beer City Skateboards & Records
Street: 05.12
Deathwish = Dayglo Abortions + D.R.I + GBH + Exploited

This album is a relentless punk rock storm, from a band out of Wisconsin of all places! The entire album is tight, angry and runs full-throttle from back to front. I can hear some hints of old-school influence, but these guys bring their own flavor to the dance and will have you banging your head and thrashing in no time. I loved the dynamic on the opening track, “Population Zero,” and have been using this as my skating soundtrack every day. If you’re looking for a soundtrack for kicking asses and drinking PBR under an overpass with your crusty friends, then here’s your album. Raise your middle finger and rock the fuck out! –Jeremy Cardenas