Street: 05.07
Deerhunter = Atlas Sound + Sic Alps
This album is a bit of a change for Deerhunter—a bit less shoegazy and experimental, and a lot more fun. Reminiscent of some of the early Les Savy Fav stuff, each song is a perfect indie-pop song hidden behind layers of fuzz and tape delay. The vocals are layered, and make heavy use of echo, and the guitar lines are simple and raw. The noisy experimental stuff is there, but it really complements the distorted pop songs, a lot like Ty Segall’s album Melted. Some of the songs are less on the bluesy side of garage rock and more dissonant like Women, especially “Leather Jacket II,” where the ugliness is the main draw and what makes the song interesting and memorable. The title track offers a nice break from the dissonance, where everything is gritty and repetitive, but not uninteresting. The album as a whole is awesome—Deerhunter changed their sound again, and it doesn’t disappoint.  –Cody Hudson