Dive Index
Lost in the Pressure
Neutral Music
Street: 09.30
Dive Index = Sumie + Park Avenue Music

After listening to this album for about two minutes, I figured that it would be a good nighttime album, something to prepare me for sweet dreams. However, after listening to it, I found myself even more awake than before, trying to unwind layers of composition, decipher between soundscapes, swarmed by something part lo-fi, part REM cycle and part swanky lounge. The acoustic guitar and the electronic percussion mixed with the rotating cast of vocalists provide a swirl of dreamy diversity. I loved that I never knew who was going to be singing on the track or the direction the song was going to take. Standout tracks include “Scars,” “Counting Umbrellas” and “Constant Chatter.” Check this out if you want to get lost and start questioning everything. –Allison Shephard