Reset Your Mind EP


Street: 03.09

Document = Yuck + Catherine Wheel / Boyracer

Tel Aviv seems to be abuzz with great indies of late who, perhaps tired of political baggage, are making their music make a scene. Unlike fellow Levantines in the ‘90s-vibing shoegaze band Vaadat Charigim, though, Document’s Nir Ben Jacob sings in English. The six tracks here are vibrant, nostalgia-inducing, punkish pop—there’s chiming guitar jangle, thundering bass and crisp, crashing drums—perfect for sunny, carefree afternoons. They’re calling themselves a post-punk band, and despite these bright and uptempo alt-pop tunes, the urgent and jagged guitar work fits such a label. Take these tunes with you to your first spring picnic and let ‘em smolder all summer long. –Christian Schultz