Erlen Meyer



Street: 05.20

Erlen Meyer = Celeste +
Cult of Luna + Lycus

Erlen Meyer’s self-titled album makes me feel awful. One’s proclivity for how awful they’re willing to feel after listening to an album will predicate whether this album will resonate with that listener. These French heavy sludge purveyors create an ominous atmosphere that trudges through its tracks like it wants nothing more than to sap any optimism you have. The lyrics are all in French, but Google Translate offered some help for the lyrics printed on Erlen Meyer’s website. This provided insight for subject matter that is literary but also as bleak as the music that accompanies it. If one grievance can be lobbed at Erlen Meyer it’s that the pace never changes, causing each track to bleed into the next. Music need not have hooks, particularly in this genre, but Erlen Meyer grows fatiguing—not from its oppressive atmosphere, but from its uniformity. –Peter Fryer