Eternal North
Children Ov the Cold
Slaughterhouse Records
Street: 11.02
Eternal North = In Flames + Children of Bodom + Emperor
This Idahoan group makes me ponder the possibilities if In Flames and Children of Bodom hadn’t “moderned up” their sound. The key theme on this little EP is the guitar melodies, electric or acoustic. It kind of makes a guy feel like it’s the early ’90s and so many Scandinavian groups hadn’t become shadows of themselves. There’s lots of inspiration here, from the early Swedish scene right down to vocal aspirations and more in the way of guitar tones. The title track punches the border of epic with some fancy and memorable guitar licks. Then, to go above and beyond, it throws the listener for a 180 as the melodies get harsher. With “Approaching the Veil,” things get all black metal—like when symphonic black metal was still good. This is a beefy EP for the folks who dig the older versions of the equated bands. –Bryer Wharton