Review: F ingers – Hide Before Dinner

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F ingers

F ingers
Hide Before Dinner

Blackest Ever Black
Street: 08.18
F ingers = Tarcar + Sealings + Tropic of Cancer

In the Midwest, I consume some pretty misanthropic harsh noise by bands with names like Rectal Hygenics, Inbreeder and others whose names I would even feel dirty writing in a magazine that has built its reputation on being irreverent and counter-culture. With all of that, nothing has quite given me the creeps as much as this debut album from this Australian group. It is hard to put your finger on, but the guitars range from drawling, ghostly strumming to post-punk chatter to almost being erased out of the composition under reverb and suitcases full of effects, deeply submerged beneath these spindly guitars. The ghostly and distant vocals from vocalist Carla dal Forno are something rotten, like the source of this record is percolating from some sulfuric spring of inner spiritual malaise. Within this record, however, there are some truly brilliant moments of atmospheric and guitar interplay that haunt the listener. –Ryan Hall