Atoms & Emptiness
L-Tracks Records
Street: 02.07 
Faderhead = Underworld + Assemblage 23 + Kevorkian Death Cycle
This is a release that invites a personal connection from the listener. There has obviously been some personal growth prior to and during the production of this album on Faderhead’s part—there is a lot of emotion put into the lyrics. The music also shows maturation, as it is not completely full of screaming aggrotech. There are some harder tracks, but it also has some EBM to it. This is a solid release that is well produced, one that you can listen to through its entirety. You will not have to skip around to hear your favorite song, as all of the tracks are compiled with quality, stimulating work to keep you satisfied. With its enticing moans and nasty bass line, the track “I Forget” stood out to me the most. It immediately calls out to stimulate everyone’s sexy dance moves. I look forward to hearing this one at the club. –Mistress Nancy