Flesh Wounds

“Bitter Boy” b/w “Kennel Cough” and “Let Me Be Clear”

Merge Records

Street: 05.13

Flesh Wounds =
Johnny Thunders +
Condo Fucks

If you like “What Ever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song)” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you’ll probably like Carrboro, N.C.’s Flesh Wounds. They play late-’70s-style garage rock, or proto-punk or whatever you want to call it, albeit much wilder and punkier than bands like BRMC. It’s similar to what bands like Thee Oh Sees are doing with garage psych, but Flesh Wounds take a rhythm and blues fork in the rock n’ roll road, rather than a psychedelic one. Steady, powerful drumming, loud dual guitars with classic, wailing riffs and snotty, unstable vocals make this three-song (and only six-minute) EP a short and satisfying dose of rock n’ roll—the kind you shoot instead of sip. –Cody Kirkland