Flying Lotus
You’re Dead!
Warp Records
Street: 10.06
Flying Lotus = MF DOOM + Duke Ellington +
Boards of Canada +
Felix Laband

The best part of a new Flying Lotus album is that you know you can count on it being good, and with the release of his fifth studio album, You’re Dead!, L.A.-based producer Steven Ellison continues to impress. Collaborating with artists like Stephen Bruner of Thundercat and West Coast OG Snoop Dogg—as well as soundtrack master/composer/conductor Ennio Morricone and his very own rapping alternate ego, the infamous Captain Murphy—Ellison takes you on a perfectly planned, electronically-infused, acid jazz trip on the subject of death. The album is dark and foreboding at times, but before its release, Ellison took to saying that it was meant to be a celebration of death, a soul-cathartic purge of a look at the possibilities presented to one in the afterlife. Grab your headphones and flip the lights off for this one. –Carl Acheson