Future Death
Special Victim
Bloodmoss Records
Street: 05.27
Future Death = HEALTH + The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower
Future Death is a relatively new and explosively addictive noise/punk outfit emerging from Austin, Texas. Their new LP, Special Victim, is an assemblage of lo-fi tracks containing chaotic rock tracks thinly glossed with infrequent pop hooks—each delivering a mildly sweet flavor followed by an incredibly sour bite. Alex Bhore from This Will Destroy You took over the helm in recording and mixing this record (in a funeral home, awesomely enough). You’ll notice his handiwork in the way the tracks’ raw drums—the record’s distinctive strong point—conjoin perfectly with the vocalist’s brassy yet charismatic wailing behind thrashing guitar textures. “Basements” and “Post-Everything” are the best examples of this. Hopefully, Future Death will gain enough confidence to plot a tour out west, because proficient noise-rock bands of this caliber flourish best in a live setting. –Gregory Gerulat