Napalm Baby
Street: 04.10
GoFight = Die Warzau + Front Line Assembly + KMFDM
Once again, GoFight bring attention to many political and sexual topics with their music. Frontman Jim Marcus has always pushed the boundaries of sexual taboos and various issues of the world. This is an extremely politically driven, interesting and sexually open-minded band. The topics here cover war, bisexuality and the pressures of being gay in Russia. Their sound is original, as it splices many genres together. The track “Only Gay on the Dancefloor” is a perfect example—it is a naughty, humorous track that meshes a myriad of styles—the electronic sounds of dubstep and industrial, compiled with cowbells and nasty guitar riffs that had my ears in ecstasy. I was astonished by its variety, and it showed me that there is no limit to their musical talent. This album is fresh, freakishly groovy and will have you wanting to dance and join a peace movement. 
–Mistress Nancy