Grabass Charlestons

Dale and the Carreeners

No Idea Records

Grabass Charlestons = The Hold Steady + Drive-by Truckers

Street: 11.06.12

Grabass Charlestons did some growing up ladies and gents. I’m not the first person to say this and I don’t care, they should be praised for an album well done. Their earlier work is slightly juvenile in its content and simple three chord riffs. It was good, but this is better. Feet firmly planted in pop-punk, these fellas have stretched their arms into Americana. It’s hard to describe GC, even my equation is deficientjangly lead guitar over punk rhythm guitar, straightforwardplucky bass and minimal drums (see “Stormy Weather”). Make sense? I didn’t think so. Dale and the Carreners is sort of a concept album, telling a story about two junkies in loveDale and Cassandra. Songs like “Addicted Together” and “Fall Guy” paint a melancholy tale of Dale the Flying J janitor. Cassandra is crazy and he hates her, but their mutual love for crystal meth keep them together. Do they sober up? Do they stay together? Pick up the album and find out. –Alex Cragun