Morbid Ascent
Century Media
Street: 09.17
Grave = Entombed + Unleashed + Dismember
May the gods of Swedish death metal shine upon you, for Grave has dished up five tracks of greatness on their Morbid Ascent EP. Most of the tunes feel a lot like a return to the older style of Grave—more groove and punch than the band’s last few full-lengths, which, while hefty and glorious were more doom and slower paced—much like the first track of the EP Venial Sin. With bass tones blowing the bottom end out of your subwoofer, the sucker punches keep on coming here, even with “Possessed,” the Satyricon cover tune noxiously well done in the vein of Grave. Slip on your mucky moshing shoes and live it up with this EP: five tracks of gritty, classic Swedish death to tide you over until the next full-length abomination from Grave. –Bryer Wharton