Human Cull
Stillborn Nation
Wooaaargh / EveryDayHate / Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records
Street: 03.31
Human Cull = Insect Warfare + Cripple Bastards + Machetazo

I love discovering new bands by random occurrences. Human Cull made its way to me through a physical promo of the CD sent to SLUG Mag. This UK grind band surprised the shit out of me—not so much in the way that when I first heard Napalm Death, in which I think I actually shit myself a little bit. But still, the shit flowed from blasting Stillborn Nation. I’m an admitted grindaholic, and the speed of the songs on this record is impressive. The more impressive thing about the band is, where many grind acts these days are mashed albums of very similar songs, Stillborn Nation impresses with its diversity and production value that screams live sound. The speed-born tunes are riddled with some crust and D-beat sounds. There’s also the tempo breaks of really gritty, greasy shit. –Bryer Wharton