JG Thirlwell
The Blue Eyes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ectopic Ents
Street: 12.03.13
JG Thirlwell = Mike Patton soundtracks + Angelo Badalamenti + Bruno Nicolai
JG Thirlwell has worked under many pseudonyms and project titles—Foetus being the most frequently used and well known. The Blue Eyes, released last year under Thirlwell’s given name, was accompanied by SOAK—under the Foetus moniker. The man is prolific, having also worked with Zola Jesus on a collection of reworked compositions. Those who may be unfamiliar with Thirlwell’s name have heard his work if they’ve ever watched The Venture Brothers. He is equally adept at creating soundscapes, delving into manic sonic experimentation and sweeping near-operatic romanticism, to composing more straightforward scores. The Blue Eyes is a dark affair, heavy on noir swells, plucked strings, drawn noise, and bass whispers. It sets and maintains a mood. I haven’t seen the film, but enjoyed the score. “Hanging Curse,” “Closet Eyes” and “VW” are recommended for a sense of the album’s overall feel. –T.H.