Jumping the Tracks
Street: 02.04
+/– = The Airborne Toxic Event / The National
+/– isn’t such a tough problem to crack. The formula for this album seems to be: Throw in some decent layered melodic bits and a variety of well-balanced instrumentations, along with average-guy vocals (He’s on key, he just doesn’t sound great). Some tracks brought Band of Horses to mind (“Exorcising Your Ghost”), while others felt like Versus (“Toe the Line”), but the formula is … well … formulaic. Jumping The Tracks is so painfully “meh” that it makes me pissed off and sleepy. It chaps my ass that the vocals just don’t complement the shimmering guitars and neat sonic framework—we have computers that fix this, people! I found no reason to settle for this with a variety of other similar, better artists. –CJ Morgan