Laboratory 5
Awake In The Dark
Subculture Records
Street: 07.14
Laboratory 5 = Furi + Infected Mushroom’s male vocals + Excision
This is the kind of music you listen to when you’re partying until the sun comes up. Not just that—it’s the kind of music you hear at some illegal desert rave that lasts until the cops come. You know, the kind that tries to bring back the ’90s rave culture by having you call a hotline for directions that say nothing more than, “Make a left at the bush with the caution tape in it.” I’m delving a bit far into details, but I think that it creates a picture. Awake In The Dark is crazy, dubbed-out, glitchy drum and bass that is meant to be extremely loud and accompanied by lots of lasers (LOL!!!). It’s haunting in a scary way and goes back to the roots of techno. Highlights of the album include the more happy hardcore “Sub Level 07,” the haunting drum and bass title track, and the electronic-sitar-composed funkiness of “Gravity Eraser.” –Julia Sachs