Mute Records
Street: 03.03
Laibach = Leonard Cohen + Melodram + Rammstein
This Slovenian group is just as intense as it always has been, and may be even more progressive than ever. They have not slowed down at all with their politically motivated, spoken-word lyric style. Tracks like “Koran” remind us of how we all want to live in this world peacefully, yet, even with humanity’s intelligence and scientific progression, words written millennia ago effect people’s beliefs and provoke us to wage war against one another. Although this release has some of the aggressive, cadence-type music that we are used to, it also has a variety of calmer music styles to it as well. It includes a touch of experimental, drum and bass, EBM and even dubstep on some tracks. The catchy, poppy beat of “Eat Liver!” left me singing the song for days. This is a must-listen. –Mistress Nancy