Review: Lumisokea – Mnemosyne

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Street: 09.04
Lumisokea = Aardvarck + Aphex Twin

German-based duo Lumisokea create amorphous experimental electronica lacking in melody but made up for in creatively percussive white noise and screeching effects. Gelatinous and droopy tones overlay smudged reverb and tapping drones, most pronounced on “Prowl.” The album made me feel as if I were smashed inside of a metal box inside of a metal room whose walls were being splintered by a metal hammer, with metallic soundwaves cutting into my brain—see “Hearsay.” Lumisokea are imaginative, but the lack of structure in this album and the heavy use of shrieking and jangling effects gave me a grisly headache. –LeAundra Jeffs