Marie Davidson 
Un Autre Voyage 
Street: 04.14
Marie Davidson = Beyond the Black Rainbow OST + College / Interacción
From the cover art to the listening experience, Un Autre Voyage is an album that begs to be the soundtrack for a neo-noir film. The French title translates to Another Voyage in English, and it’s another voyage in the psychedelics of synth music. I’m talking about journeys that mold the past, present and future into a new dimension. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a good reference point for the intriguing-yet-bleak nature of the visuals and sounds that Marie Davidson conjures up. Horror film director John Carpenter recently released a debut album that sounds more upbeat than many of his film scores—if you’re one who found Carpenter’s recent work to be too sugary, then allow yourself to bask in the dark abyss that is “Kidnap You in the Desert” on Un Autre Voyage, and get ready for the barrage of movie scenes that may soon flood your mind. –Justin Gallegos