Marijuana Deathsquads
Oh My Sexy Lord
Street: 10.15
Marijuana Deathsquads = The Mars Volta + Subtle
This band is a super group of sorts (or so their press releases would have you believe) with the two most notable members being P.O.S. and Ryan Olsen (the guy behind Gayngs). As is the case with a great deal of so-called super groups, this release is pretty masturbatory. With intense, pulsating, electronic jam-band beats and half scream, half rap vocals, it is overall pretty unpleasant to listen to. I think they are trying for a mixture of At The Drive-In and Rage Against The Machine, but it comes out closer to a more contemporary Mindless Self Indulgence. There is not a single high point on this album—the entire thing just reminds me of how shitty The Mars Volta was. –Cody Hudson